Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hello Kitty 4th Birthday Party

I can't believe my baby is four!  Where does the time go?  It seems like just yesterday I was just bringing her home from the hospital, and now she has become this precious little girl with a witty sense of humor and winning personality.  I couldn't possibly love her anymore than I do.  I wanted to make her first "friends" party a special one.  So, the night before her birthday, I decorated the kitchen and family room in pink and pops of teal.

It's amazing how much you can decorate with $15 dollars worth of party products!  The tissue pom-poms took a while to make, but they were definitely worth it!  I hung them from the chandelier with fishing line, so they appeared "floating".  I alternated light pink, dark pink and blue crape paper over the table, making a canopy and curtains.  I love the way it framed the table!  Leah picked out pink flowers from the Dollar Tree and the the pink tin cans came from the dollar bins from Target years ago.

The plastic table cloth was too big for the kitchen table, so I used the remnant on our sofa table and made a gift table.  It was a little short, but I still like how it coordinated with everything else. 

The look on Leah's face was priceless when she woke up and saw all of the pretty decorations!  She kept saying, "Wow, Mom!  Look, Mom! Thank you, Mommy!"  I think she definitely felt like a very special birthday girl.  Enjoy viewing her birthday party pics! 

I love you Leah!  Happy 4th Birthday!!!

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