Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Three Things I Could Not Live Without in my Kitchen

It is true that the kitchen is the heart of the home.  It's where friends and family gather, it's the central communication hub, it's where kids tell their mommies how school was while eating their afternoon snack, and it's where sweet and savory foods create lasting memories.  I love everything about the kitchen and how it is the single most important space that makes a house a home.

As I was cleaning up after breakfast, it got me thinking, "What three things could I not live without in my kitchen?"  The first one instantly came to mind.  My coffee maker.  It's a simple white coffee maker by Braun.  There are no special bells or whistles to this magnificent gadget unless you count being able to program it, which I religiously do each night.  Morning after morning, my faithful coffee maker has steaming hot coffee ready for me; not too strong, not too weak.  With my Bible in one hand, and my cup of coffee in the other, I can start each day out right.  All of this coffee talk is making me want to brew some afternoon java.

The next thing that came to mind is my set of Wusthof knives, which was followed immediately by my OXO Salad Spinner.  They obviously go hand in hand, so I paired them together.  Every cook needs a good set of knives because if you don't it can really make cooking a chore.  More specifically, I couldn't live without my Wusthof pairing knife, tomato knife, and 8 inch chef's knife.  And oh, how I love my OXO Salad Spinner!  It makes making salad easy, it's entertainment for my kids who often fight over who gets to spin the salad first, and not to mention your salad tastes fresh, unlike the plastic taste you get from bagged salad greens.  I love knowing how well rinsed my veggies are and they dry in a jiffy. 

The last, but most important thing I could not live without in my kitchen is my recipe box filled with deliciously wonderful recipes given to me by friends and family.  The recipes are tried and true and come with fond memories of the persons they originated from.  And believe me, anyone can cook as long as he or she has good recipes; I am living proof!

So, I am throwing this question back at you.  What three things could you not live without in your kitchen?


  1. KitchenAid stand mixer (we use it for everything - baking, making ice cream, making pasta, kneading dough . . . ),
    Keurig coffee maker (I'm the only one who drinks coffee around here, so no need for a large pot in the morning - a perfect sized cup for me whenever I want it!),
    Ceiling pot rack (we have a small kitchen, and the ceiling rack is such a functional and aesthetically appealing space saver.)

  2. I totally agree about good knives! Mine are from Pampered Chef and I seriously {heart} them! They are pretty much #1 in my book and I pair them with the PC cutting board which doesn't dull the knives and has a no-slip, grip on the edges so you can cut without the board moving all around on you. Oh, and you need a good sharpener. A dull knife is a dangerous knife!

    Does that count for 3 or just 1? Please say just 1!! ;)

  3. Definitely just 1! I want to hear more!

  4. Hey Ali, I would love to know how you use your mixer to make ice cream. I have one too, but have never used it for that. Yum!

  5. Perfect then! A coffee maker in my book is a given although I totally covet your timer. :) I love my PC cookware and garlic press. I love garlic! Sometimes I use my microplane too for garlic! My kitchen is getting a boost now since my MIL is moving in. She has a Cuisinart food processor! WELCOME!! Hope you enjoy your stay!