Thursday, April 7, 2011

Flower Hair Clips

As I was digging through my daughter's hair accessory bag, I picked up a red rose hair clip I bought from Claire's in December and began to examine it.  I can't believe I paid $3-$5 bucks for it when I could make my own!  So, today I made my daily trip to JoAnn's and picked up a bushel of pink Gerber daises 40% off $4.99, a sheet of pink felt for .29 cents, and a bag of 12 clips for $2.99. 

Prepare your flowers by taking off the hard plastic backing and snip any remaining stem on the flower.  Next, cut some felt strips and slide one between each clip as shown below:

Next, apply glue going the length of the felt strip and make sure to put some on the clip too.  Place the flower on top of the clip and press down the felt.

In less than ten minutes, I made Leah three flower clips in dark pink, light pink and white. I also made some extras to put in each of her friends' party favor bags.

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  1. They also look cute for grown ups to dress up the collar of a regular tank top or to clip onto a necklace for a pop of color! I made some to give away at my parties this spring. Your way looks MUCH better than mine though. I'll use yours next time!!
    Stephanie :)