Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pillow Update with Cloth Rosettes

One of my dearest friends, Cara, loves to make headbands with cloth rosettes for her adorably sweet girls.  They are totally vintage chic and fun to make!  I decided to make a few for a couple of old pillows I had stored away.

Here is a before picture of one of the ugly old pillows I held on to.  The only thing they had going for them was their feather inserts.  You can't really see it in this picture, but the pillow was yellow.  I made new covers for my pillows in Linenlike material in off white.  I love Linenlike!

This is what you need to make cloth rosettes.
  • 1 inch strips of cloth
  • fabric glue
  • felt cut into circles
  • pins

The process is super simple.  Glue one end of the strip (folded in half) in the center of the felt circle.  Begin twisting the cloth strip and glue down  in a spiral from the center of the circle to the outside.  You will need to work kind of fast because the glue dries quickly.  Glue a pin on the back, and now you have a cloth rosette you can pin onto a shirt, purse or a pillow.

Ta da!