Wednesday, March 6, 2013

DIY Christmas Gifts

I love, love, love homemade gifts! When someone receives a homemade gift, they know it was made with love.  Homemade gifts are personal, humble and special, and you don't have to spend a lot of money to show someone you care about them.  Sometimes I will tailor a homemade gift for a specific person. For example, for Christmas, I made a book page sunburst wall hanging for my daughter's reading teacher.  I thought it was cute to incorporate book pages into her gift because of all the reading help my daughter received from her.  When I stumbled on this tutorial at The Shabby Creek Cottage, I knew I had to make one for Mrs. Z!

I did not sew mine as it was done at The Shabby Creek Cottage.  I simply folded, squished and hot glued my book pages down onto a big piece of heavy duty cardboard which was cut into a circle.  I started on the outside and worked my way in.  It was a very free form type of project; perfect for me since I am an "eye-ball-it" kinda gal!  I found the 4 inch mirror in the doll making section at my favorite store, Hobby Lobby.  The mirror was less that $4 and came in a package of two!  Yippee!

Other times I make things for people that I simply love, like homemade laundry soap!  Yes, it's kind of a strange gift to give, but I absolutely love the stuff and wanted to share it with my loved ones. I got the recipe from Being Creative, thanks to a friend who directed me there. The recipe will fill a two gallon glass jar from Walmart, but not knowing if my recipients would love this new laundry soap or not, I gave them each enough to fill a single gallon glass jar.  The scoop is actually a coffee scoop and holds exactly two tablespoons, which is the amount used for a large load of laundry. It can be found at Walmart as well.  You can download and print the Homemade Clothes Soap label at Great Oak Circle.

Here is a picture of other homemade gift ideas for you.

I hope to write some future posts about some of the projects you see pictured above including: homemade caramels, Dollar Tree wine glasses embellished with chalk paint, and artisan bread!

Stay Tuned!


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