Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Products I have to Post About

From time to time you might find me posting about products I like, especially if I use them often or the deal is (or was) amazing.  I love it when other people share with me products they love too, so please feel free to post a message and share the love!

The first product I absolutely LOVE, are the reusable shopping bags I buy from Burlington Coat Factory.  What I like about these bags is that they are made of a heavy duty vinyl, they come in adorable prints, and they stay upright when loading your groceries.  I have used them for quick weekend get-aways and they are great for hauling around team snacks.  And because they are vinyl, you can disinfect them easily with Lysol.  They also make great gift bags, not only because the person who receives the gift now has a fashionable and reusable shopping bag, but also because they are cheaper than a typical gift bag at only a $1.99 each.

Next up are two food products I can't live without in my kitchen.  I have become an Italian dressing snob, and really only care for Good Seasons Italian dressing.  (In my opinion, it's best made with canola oil and apple cider vinegar or lemon juice).  I was just recently introduced to the lemon juice idea last week, and it is a great summery version of this staple dressing I almost always have on hand.

The other food product that everyone should have in their pantry (or refrigerator after it's opened), is Trader Joe San Soyaki sauce from Trader Joe's.  I have tried a kazillion different types of Asian influenced marinades and dressings, most of which I do not like, so when I found this product, it was instant fireworks. Okay, that was a little dramatic, but I do love this product!  Thomas' favorite food is grilled salmon marinated in this soyaki sauce. I promise, it is hands down the best salmon!  We also marinate chicken and pork tenderloin with it and often drizzle it over steamed veggies.  YUM!

And last, but not least, I recently found a "faux" Mongolian Wool toss pillow (also known as a Tibetan Lamb Pillow) from Hobby Lobby for only $12.99!  The real deal is $140 or more, but I am more than okay with the faux version because it achieves the same designer look for soooooooooo much less!  My husband Greg, thinks this is a weird looking pillow (actually he said ugly), but this is coming from a guy who wears an unfashionable flannel shirt and dirty cowboy boots to church, so his opinion is immediately trumped.  I am thankful Jesus wants us to just come as we are!  Anyway, isn't this pillow fantastic???!!!!

Here's to great products and always shopping on a budget!


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  1. BTW, I absolutely LOVE the two reusable shopping bags you've gotten me! They're so useful... and not just for groceries! I brought a friend dinner the other night using one.